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During the past seven years, I have written and published five science fiction and eleven historical novels, including the popular Pitt Family Saga of nine stories set in the early 13th Century.

The Science fiction stories fall into two groups, the Ozymandias trilogy, set in the not too distant future in which humanity discovers how to travel long distances at a significant proportion of the speed of light. This leads to the discovery of an unexpected link to other civilisations across the galaxy, which can be visited, once faster than light travel is developed by the group of scientists involved.

The second series of books - the Android Wars - travels 50,000 years into the future to a time when humanity has all but been hunted to extinction by a breed of Androids who blame mankind for deserting them on a planet four light-years away.

Historical novels include The Ice Cream Seller, a story which flits between 1865, 1917, 1944 and the modern era in an attempt to discover the truth about a number of murders throughout history.

Raptor, is the story of a young officer who, with his sister, becomes involved in the search for a British traitor during World War 1. It doesn't help that their cousin is head of German counter-intelligence who catches them in Belgium.

My most recent series of books are the Pitt Family Saga, which follow Gervase Pitt and his family as they work with the Knights Templar to solve mysteries in 13th Century England - and beyond.

The first tale,
The French Carpenter, sees Gervase shipwrecked off the Sussex coast, where he is given work by the Templars and local lord, before becoming involved in preventing the plot hatched by a French Priory to discredit the Templars, Baron de Braose and (allegedly heretic) Cathars.

In The Templar Pitt, Gervase starts working for the Order in London, where he is responsible for the discovery of a corpse bearing documents calling into question the legitimate of King John. His travels, and those of others, in search of an acceptable alternative incumbent for the throne, puts him and family members at risk.

In The Goldsmith's Apprentice, an apprentice is wrongly hanged for killing his master, an elderly Anglo-Saxon artisan. His family can do little to prevent this miscarriage of justice, but undertake to prove he was innocent and bring the true murderer to justice. In this third outing for the Pitt Family, the stakes are higher than ever. It is their own son's life at risk.

In The Flying Mason, Gervase has to investigate the death of a young mason on his building site at the Temple in London. Unfortunately, this leads him and the family into great danger, as a pattern of crime and killings is revealed.

In The Butcher of Marseille, Gervase and his wife accompany the daughter of disgraced baron William de Braose to Paris and Marseille, where she is to be reunited with her fiancé. Unfortunately, as castellan of Marseille, he is investigating a series of grisly murders and could benefit from the help of experienced investigators like the Pitts.

Murder at the Tower, Gervase returns to London to become involved in a difficult task at the Tower of London for the Lord Chancellor. It is going well until a young maid is murdered and Gervase falls under suspicion for the killing.

 In Death in Durham, Gervase and his two eldest children - Tommy and Ann - travel to Durham to meet the newly elected Prince-Bishop, the former Bishop of Norwich. Unfortunately, Ann discovers his corpse on the norning of his installation and the family must investigate what happened.

In King John's Jewells, Gervase and Tommy become involved in events following the sealing of Magna Carta in AD1215, leading up to the king's death 17 months later.

In Chaos in Cambridge, Ann travels to the new university town to discover why Magna Carta did so little for the interests of women and the poor. Unfortunately, it is illegal for women to study, so subterfuge is required. All is going well until a youth with whom she's living is found killed. Can the family discover who is responsible?

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