Stephen Phillips

Author of Science Fiction and Historical stories 
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Having spent much of his youth reading science fiction from the classic era of Isaac Asimov and others, Stephen also developed an interest in historical and crime fiction. Influences on his writing therefore include the contemporary Edward Rutherford, as well as twentieth century figures such as Dennis Wheatley, Dorothy L. Sayers and Margery Allingham. In starting his fiction writing, he has returned to his roots of science fiction, but with strong influences from writers of other genres.

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Ozymandias published by Completely Novel:

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E-book versions of Ozymandias and Heraclitus can be purchased from the Kindle store for £2.15 including VAT, by searching under the book title, or by clicking here.


The books are also available in paperback form, directly from the publisher, Completely Novel,
for £7.25 + P&P by clicking here.


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Lucy Bowen has recently lost both her mother and her boyfriend in short order. She would rather curl up with a book, a glass of wine and her cat, than go out on a cold November evening with her friends to see a psychic show.

When she gets there, she is singled out for a message from ‘beyond the grave’, starting an adventure which will lead to a series of deaths spanning almost a century and a half, in which young women are raped and killed – apparently by the same man.

Lucy finds her relationship with the psychic developing in ways she had not expected, as they delve into the history of murders taking place in 1865, 1915 and potentially in 1944, too.

What they say about Ozymandias

I have just finished reading "Ozymandias". What a book! The concept from the beginning had me intrigued and I was fascinated by the way you encompassed the intrigues from the Mars colony and the Mythology of the "Cult of Mithras" into the story.

This stands on a par with Sci-Fi books I have read over the last 50+ years, including such names as Isaac Asimov, Paul Capon, Frank Herbert, and my absolute favourite Arthur C. Clarke. I cannot wait for "Heraclitus".

RR, Sci-Fi fan, Folkestone, Kent.

I would rcommend this to sci-fi readers for sure ... Click to read full review.

Ken S (USA)

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Stop Press

ZARATHUSTRA, part three of the Ozumandias trilogy, is currently being proof-read and should be available on Kindle by late July. In print later.

OZYMANDIAS and HERACLITUS are now both available on Kindle. Please visit the store via your device and search for the title of the book or go online to the Amazon store by clicking here for Ozmandias or here for Heraclitus.

You can now also purchase the books in paperback from Amazon, using the same links.

The Ice Cream Seller is now awailable on Kindle, click here to view, and on iBooks, click here.

My latest book, Raptor, a story set during World War I, is now available on Kindle. click here.

The next story should be available during 2017 and is set against the background of the Knights Templar.

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