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Book 1 The French Carpenter In AD1200, a young man – Gervase Pitt – is found half drowned on a Sussex beach by the teenaged Joan. Their meeting will lead to an adventure involving lords, clergy, the (so-called heretic) Cathars and infamous Knights Templar.   £8.50   2
Book 2 The Templar Pitt In 1201, a young carpenter discovers something in the foundations of a new building he’s designed for the Knights Templar in London, which could alter the shape of history.   £8.50   3
Book 3 The Goldsmith's Apprentice Being hanged, in early 13th Century London, was a slow and painful process of strangulation. But for a shy fourteen-year-old with little grasp on the ways of the world, it was terrifying. Especially when he was innocent of the murder of which he was accused. Indeed, apprentice goldsmith Nick Pitt hardly understood what had happened to his master, or why he was accused of his callous slaying.   £8.75   1
Book 4 The Flying Mason When a young mason is thrown from the top of a new building in London’s Templar Citadel, What looks like an accident suddenly starts to look suspicious to Gervase Pitt. The Master carpenter and architect realises this might be indicative of a wider problem facing his building project.   £10.25   3
Book 5 The Butcher of Marseille The year is 1211. A young woman is brutally slain in Marseille – the first in a series of killings which will terrorise the city and create a difficult challenge for the new castellan of the castle, Sir Orvin de Villeneuve.   £9.95   3
Book 6 Murder at the Tower On their return to London, The Pitt family become involved in a death at the Tower of London. Gervase is accused of murder and the family and their friends must identify the real killer before King John returns to London.   £9.95   4
Book 7 Death in Durham Gervase Pitt is asked to create a tomb for the newly elected Prince-Bishop of Durham. Unfortunately, his daughter finds the bishop dead in his chapel on the morning of his enthronement. The political ramifications of his killing means the Earl of Essex and Gervase must work together to identify the killer.   £9.95   4
Book 8 King John's Jewels Gervase and Tommy become involved in events following the sealing of Magna Carta in AD1215, leading up to the king's death 17 months later.   £9.95   4
Book 9 Chaos in Cambridge Ann travels to the new university town to discover why Magna Carta did so little for the interests of women and the poor. Unfortunately, it is illegal for women to study, so subterfuge is required. All is going well until a youth with whom she's living is found killed. Can the family discover who is responsible?   £9.95   4

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