Writing to your MP about Dominic Cummings

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Subject: Media hounding of Dominic Cummings

Dear <Nalme of MP>

I am writing to you as my Member of Parliament, because I am most concerned about the treatment Mr Cummings has received at the hands of the media.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of his actions – and I firmly believe he acted in the best interests of his vulnerable young child, as permitted under the arrangements put in place by this government – the treatment he and his family have received at the hands of the press is deeply worrying.

The way he had been “door stepped” is typical of the media, who appear to have completely ignored social distancing rules (without any police intervention). That his parents have also now been subjected to this treatment is completely unacceptable.

My primary concern, however, relates to the principle that the media has apparently decided to make itself judge and jury in this matter and to use highly dubious “market research” (such as that published in Mr Osborne’s Standard) to suggest Mr Johnson has no alternative but to sack him or seek his resignation.

Their motives are transparent to anyone watching the news. They object to us having left the EU and are seeking to undermine the government in the hope that the trade deal will be deferred (so we are forced into another 7-year funding period with the EU) and even Brexit reversed. It is rumoured that without Mr Cummings’s timely return to London, the civil service would have managed to force a delay in concluding the trade deal. This may or may not be true.

What is clear, however, is that powerful forces are aligned against the government, intent on bringing down one or more of its most influential figures. This cannot be in the interests of democracy. A free press is essential to this nation. But the media – particularly the BBC – is no longer acting in a balanced way. They now have a clear agenda and are pursuing it through innuendo, intimidation and half-truths.

Part of the problem is undoubtedly the call for the licence fee which funds the BBC to be decriminalised – most of us would prefer it was scrapped – and previous moves to limit some of the press abuses which are a blight on our society. But there are also understandable fears that something more might be involved, including a move by alleged globalists to undermine the only country so far to escape from the undemocratic EU.

Please lend your active support to the Prime Minister in rejecting any move towards allowing the media to manage the composition of the government and its advisers.

If the media can topple one public servant, who will be next? And who, precisely is making the decisions which appear to have them acting in concert?

Yours sincerely,


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